It has been a good minute since I last listened to any Crossover Thrash Metal.  Admirably I am not very astute to this sub genre, which is a shame, this was genre houses some of the first Thrash bands I ever listened to.  With that being said the moment the first track “A Dying World” played I immediately got transported to a world of skateboards, flip hats, and terrible tattoo art.  Iron Reagan hits the style well with songs that never go decrease in intensity, aggression, and a point blank “No Shit” attitude.

The album opens up strongly with the track “A Dying World” this song comes in fast and strong and never wavers for the 2 and a half minutes it plays.  The song is followed by “You Never Learn” which continues on the albums unrelenting path of total decimation followed by “Grim Business”.  Reagan finally decides to slow it down a bit when the fourth track “Dead With My Friends” rolls in, however this is only temporary as the only the intro drudges until Tony Foresta starts singing, then its back to the usual good ol intensity and speed we have come to love and expect from Iron Reagan.  This continues on for the rest of the album.  It clocks in at 29 minutes so its a quick listen, and with the speed and intensity it only makes it feel quicker.  Some of my favorite tracks off this album include, “A Dying World”, “Fuck the Neighbors”, “Crossover Ministry”, and “Conditional Evolution” (which has the best guitar solo on the whole album in my opinion.)

As far as metal albums go this is a pretty solid installment into the metal world.  I don’t listen to Crossover Thrash much, but this album has got me digging into it more to find any more jems I can add to my collection.  If you like Crossover Thrash, Punk, or just Thrash metal in general I would give this a listen, its an album you shouldn’t ignore.