Being a metal fan for around 10 years or so, I can safely say i’ve listened to a hell of a lot of heavy metal music.  From all the albums ive listened to and had the chance to experience here are my 5 favorite albums, as of valentines day 2017.  This list is in no particular order, since there is no way I could give top honors to any album. I’m far too indecisive like that.

  1. Exodus Fabulous Disaster (1989)


Exodus’s third album Fabulous Disaster is, in my opinion, their best piece or work and a Thrash metal masterpiece.  The album explodes from intensity that you could only expect from the worlds most dangerous band.  The album deals with several concepts which includes the concept of personal responsibility, the American prison system,  and nuclear war.

Each song is as epic as the last and delivers a constant source of energy wiring from the band directly to you.  My favorite song off this record is the track “Verbal Razors” this song has the most intense riff off of the whole album and constantly delivers. This album has always been a great listen whenever I feel down, I know it will get me going no matter what song I listen to.

2. Periphery Juggernaut Alpha/Omega (2015)


Periphery is one of those bands that never seems to let me down.  Their excellent musicianship shows on every song they create, and every album they do is always a “must listen”.  Their 2015 concept album Juggernaut Alpha/Omega is of no exception.  This album has some of my favorite songs of all time on it and impresses me to no end.  Each song works together to weave a tale about a demon born from a cult who searches for happiness despite its horrific upbringing.  This demon goes from moments of intense pain and solitude to unrelenting acts of violence and misery, all in the search of happiness.  This is displayed in great tracks like “Heavy Heart”, “22 Faces”, “Psychosphere”, “Omega”, and “Stranger Things”.  Even if you don’t care about the story, the songs on this duel record are great in a bubble and create constant excitement for the listener to enjoy.

3. Fugazi-Repeater (1990)


Fugazi is probably one of my all time favorite bands.  There are tons of bands out there that are huge hypocrites on their political, or social views (see Rage Against the Machine).  Where they claim that music should be free and that art is an expression of the self and there shouldn’t be any price tag on it, yet they still charge $20 for a copy of their music.  Fugazi is the only band that I know of that stuck to their guns on what they believed in.  Here is a band that was against alcohol and tobacco, and said they would never appear in any magazine that promotes that stuff, and they stuck to that and turned down interviews with Rolling Stone and other huge music and entertainment promotions that went against what they believed in.  This band believed that everyone should have the chance to see them if they want and not have to pay hundreds of dollars to have that opportunity, so they scorned high ticket prices and expensive venues and stuck with small dinky clubs where you could get in for five bucks, despite having massively selling albums and offers to join Pearl Jam and other huge rock acts on stage.  Yeah Fugazi is awesome, their music is damn good too.  Repeater, their debut album is a great experimental punk record that doesn’t care what it is.  Its not punk, its not rock, its not metal, its not hard rock, its nothing, its music.  This album needs to be heard, its the only one of its kind and is guaranteed to impress anyone who listens to it.

4.Death-Spiritual Healing (1990)


Here is a fun fact, why is Death Metal called Death Metal? Cause the first Death Metal band was named Death. Death is heavy metal royalty, Chuck Schuldiner is possibly one of the greatest musicians of the 20th century.  Death’s third album makes for some great times as the album touches base on some grim subjects like addiction, death, and metal illness.  The riffs that appear in this album are anything less than stellar and enter your mind like a parasite waiting to live the rest of its life in there.  For any fan of Death Metal this record needs to be in your collection, and for those who are interested in seeing what Death Metal is, this is a great place to start, after all this is where I started.  I remember when I first listened to this record I had it on repeat for several weeks jamming out to “Defensive Personalities” like crazy.  Diving into this twisted world is an experience, and let me just say this, its a lot less disturbing and scary than what you’ll find on the evening news. I promise you that.

5. Annihilator-Alice in Hell (1989)


This album is one of the best records ever recorded.  When I first listened to it, I had to keep listening to it.  Every moment i wasn’t was painful, it was just that good.  Annihilator’s debut album Alice in Hell is another thrash masterpiece with songs diving into the human psyche.  The album starts out with the beautiful acoustic solo “Crystal Ann”, and then rips into the title track “Alison Hell” a song about a little girl who was so convinced the bogeyman was real that she had to be committed to an institution.  The sad thing is that this song was based on a true story guitarist and songwriter Jeff Waters read about in his local paper.  From there the album continues on with songs like “W.T.Y.D” “Wicked Mystic”, “Word Salad” and more.  The album closes with two great songs, one called Ligeia, which is based off of the Edgar Allan Poe story of the same name, And “Human Insecticide” which, from my beliefs, is about someone unable to control their anger and frustrations and finally cracking under the pressure and going off of the deep end.  This album is a great favorite of mine with excellent riffs and sequences that roar with intensity and display an excellent mind of wondrous musicianship.  This album is always a favorite of mind to jam out with and listen to as I take on the world.

Well here are my top 5 albums, I was a bit unsure how to talk about these records, so hopefully I conveyed what I wanted to say alright.  Ultimately these albums are amazing and a great listen if you are a fan of music.  Give em a listen if you are interested.