For years I was never the biggest fan of modern metal.  I quite honestly don’t know why, but its mostly because I never gave it a chance.  I’m an old soul trapped in a young body, I like my Megadeth, Slayer, Anthrax, Exodus and more old time 80s thrash.  However, having favorite bands in their 50s and commanding very expensive ticket prices for shows can be a very huge drag. Not to mention the tease of watching old performances of them back in their hay day, yearning to be a part of the chaotic crowd moshing and thrashing about to classic more than 20 years ago.  So it came clear to me as of late that maybe I should give some more modern metal a chance. I opened my heart to it, and man o man did I get rewarded for doing so.

One of my favorite metal bands of today has to be the progressive/Djent metal band Periphery.  Formed in Washington D.C in 2005, this band has ripped and roared many stages across the nation and the world with amazing songs that transcend metal.  My favorite album from them is the concept album released in 2015 known as Juggernaut Alpha/Omega.


Juggernaut is an excellent record with some of the best musical work the band has created, in my opinion.  Juggernaut is a concept album, a story that goes across an entire album (see Tommy-The Who).  The album tells a grim tale about a child born into a cult via a sacrificial ritual, the cultists torture and abuse the child to awaken the demon inside of it.  After years of yearning to escape his life and trying to cope with the horrors and atrocities that he experiences the child finally snaps and destroys the cult he was born into.  However, the child is riddled with guilt and is now tormented that it succumbed to the evil that he tried to spurn.  Feeling defeated the child takes his own life and is sentenced to hell.  While in hell the child faces the horrors and atrocities he committed and more, searching for a way to find redemption.  Of course this is my interpretation of the album after listening to it a several hundred times.

The individual tracks in this album are extremely well done.  Some of my favorite ones off of Alpha are “22 Faces” “Alpha” “Heavy Heart” and “Psycosphere”.  While off of Omega I love “The Bad Thing” “Omega” and “Stranger Things”.  Overall my favorite track is 22 Faces and would be the one I would recommend everyone to check out if they are interested in this album.  22 Faces has contains a high obtain level of energy in it and conveys the struggles the child possesses to try and cope with the horrors he experiences.  It kicks ass on all levels.

Overall this album is anything less than amazing and I would definitely give it a listen if you like metal or an interesting story to dive into and peice together.