I figured instead of write another review on an album I’ve been listening to on repeat for the past couple of weeks I would write about something else that has been on my mind for a little while.  As the title states I want to begin to talk about Wrestlemania 33, the upcoming WWE super card show that is taking place at Camping World Stadium in Orlando Florida.

The Wrestlemania 33 Logo

This event has been poised to be a rather peculator edition of the annual supercard with Brock Lesnar taking on Bill Goldberg for the WWE Universal Title.  Only in professional wrestling can you see a 50 who was in his prime in 1998 challenge a 39 year old to the premier company title. Sarcasm removed I have to admit I am looking forward to this match a lot, it definitely wont be “match of the night” but it’ll be an interesting bout to see story wise.  Lesnar let Goldberg squash him in their past two encounters at the Royal Rumble and Survivor Series in traditional WCW Goldberg fashion so it will be interesting to see how Lesnar finally get his heat back since he is booked to win. This match will probably only be 10 minutes maximum  but it’ll complete the Lesnar vs Goldberg feud which has been a really interesting one this past year.


Another match that i’m personally looking forward to see is the death of friendship match between Kevin Owens and Chris Jericho.  These two were the highlights of RAW this past year, keeping the show afloat with their wonderful chemistry together.  We all knew Kevin Owens was going to turn on “best buddy” Jericho sooner or later, but when it did no one was prepared for it.  It was amazing. Fully establishing Owens as a top heel and making a run Jericho can proudly look on when he finally decided to retire.  Owens vs Jericho will be a great match as both men can work and have an amazing amount of chemistry with each other.  Im pretty sure Owens is going to win since Jericho is going back on tour with FOZZY this summer, so it only makes sense for him to put Owens over and drop the US belt to him.

The Death of Friendship

Next is the infamous Shane vs AJ Styles match.  The internet has been in a full uproar about this match since it was leaked months ago as internet smarks sharpend their pitchforks promising to cancel their network subscriptions and never watch another WWE show again (yeah right lol).  Honestly, I don’t know why fans were in such an uproar over this match other than the fact AJ could have an amazing match with someone else like Cena or someone.  AJ can work and pull out great matches with anyone, and Shane may not be a wrestler but he is still known to be somewhat competent in the ring and make for some incredible moments, see Summerslam 99 or whenever he jumped off that fixture.  This may not be a spot fest or an excellent quality match, but it’ll still be entertaining as hell to see Shane do something stupid to shorten his life expectancy…again, and to see AJ just do what AJ does best, wrestle.

shane McMahon Steve Blackman
Shane Mcmahon learning about gravity

Undertaker vs Roman… Lets see how bad Roman gets booed for beating Taker.  Cause we all know Vince will book Roman to win. Or hold Undertakers hand up at the end, some dumb crap like that to get him even less over with the fans.  Just turn him heel already

John Cena and Niki Bella vs Miz and Mayrse.  This match is nothing special, I haven’t seen the build besides what Bryan Alverez and Dave Meltzer say on Wrestling Observer so I have no clue whats going on.  Still, the Miz in the past year has become one of my favorite personalities.  He blurs the line between shoot and kayefabe so well its really refreshing to see WWE try something new.  His segments on talking smack have been great due to this and made him a real attraction for shows.  This match should add on to that.  Its obvious Cena is going to win since its Wrestlemania and “lol Cena wins”.  I also heard that he’s supposed to propose to Nikki after the match, so thats something as well.


Thats pretty much all I care about with Wrestlemania this year.  I know im missing a ton of other matches like Randy Orton vs Bray Wyatt, but they kind of killed that feud with my when they shot that segment of Randy burning Brays home for no reason.  I don’t follow wrestling that closely so I dont know the context behind it, so it looks pretty stupid to me, therefore I dont really care anymore, which is a shame, I thought that feud was really cool up to the Royal Rumble when they booked Randy to win.  Wrestlemania should be fun and I cant wait to go out and chant DELETE at a bar when watching it.