Man out of everyone to go, I never would have figured Chris Cornell of Soundgarden would be one of them.  Soundgarden was one of my favorite bands back in high school, being a child of the new millennium I was a bit late for the grunge movement, but that didn’t stop me I suppose, good music cannot be contained.  I remember vividly going onto old file sharing sites and downloading  TERRIBLE sounding mp3s of their songs individually.  Lol sorry guys, I’ve redemed myself by buying your music in recent times.  My favorite songs that I found were  “Room a Thousand Years Wide”, “Drawing Flies” and “Rusty Cage” off of their 3rd album “Badmotorfinger”.  I started playing them again after I heard of his passing and boy does it bring back old feelings and memories.  Its almost unbelievable that someone so talented and inspirational is gone.  Eddie Vedder is last of the grunge movement. Quick! Freeze him in some Ice!


I think probably the most shocking part about this is how he passed.  Early on it was highly speculated that he had killed himself by hanging.  This was eventually confirmed by mainstream news outlets like NBC.  Once this was confirmed however his family began to speak out and claim that Chris wasent suicidal. Its been reported that after the set at the Fox Theater in Detroit he spoke with his wife Vicky on the phone.  She said he sounded different and was slurring his words quite a bit, that is when he dropped the information on her that he took one or two more of his prescribed Ativan pills than usual.  Ativan is a medication used for treating anixiety disorders, insomnia, panic attacks, and alcohol withdraw with some side effects ranging from muscle weakness to confusion, amnesia, and even more serious ones like depression and suicidal thoughts (list of Ativan side effects here).  Now i’m not a doctor of any sorts so I cannot make any calls as to what happened. Was Chris massively depressed and made a decision to end his life? Maybe. Was Chris under the influence of taking too much of his prescribed medication and committed suicide due to their adverse side effects? Maybe. We may never 100% know why he took his life, all we can do is make our speculations.  In the meantime if you or anyone you know is taking prescribed medication, please be smart, do not take more than you are prescribed and get all the info you need as to what your medication can mix with and what it can do to you, besides what it is supposed to treat you with.

In the end all I can say is R.I.P Chris. You’ll be missed.

What are some of your favorite Soundgarden memories? Specific Songs? Shows? Interviews? Feel free to comment.