About a year ago if you asked me if I listened to, or even liked for that matter, Djent or Progressive Metal I would have told you Hell No.  Honestly, i’m not sure why I would have said that, I never gave it a fair shot back in the day and I was very comfortable in my bubble of Thrash and Death metal.  I didn’t see the need to expand my horizons, but of course closed minds and eyes never open so I decided to challenge myself and attend a Born of Osiris show in May of last year.  Since then I’ve become a huge fan of the group and Djent/Progressive Metal as well.  Right now i’m constantly looking for new bands to dive into and experience they musical talents they have to offer.  And its all thanks to that show and The Discovery.

The Discovery is Born of Osiris’s second studio album under the Sumerian Records banner.  Released in 2011 it features Ronnie Canizaro on vocals, Joe Buras on keyboards, Lee McKinnely and Jason Richardson on guitar, David Da Rocha on bass, Cameron Losch on drums, and finally the amazing artwork done by Cameron Clay.

This album is a technical masterpiece offering insane riffs with extremely high energy and intensity, The Discovery isnt hear for any light listening, no, this album his here to kick you in the ass and get you moving.  Better than coffee in my opinion.

The album starts off with Follow the Signs (link to the official video here) and dives head first into that intensity and energy previously mentioned.  The song is awesome as it rips through the crunching guitar and almost graceful melody that accompanies it.  Joe’s keyboard work on this song and others on this album is especially impressive as it does not take away from the intensity the song offers.  Instead, it accompanies and compliments the rest of the instruments, giving it a sense of calmness with it.  Its hard to describe but it adds an almost euphoric atmosphere to the music which in my opinion sets this song apart from some of the others on this album.  Other songs that exemplify this are Singularity, Dissimulation, Automatic Motion, and my personal favorite Regenerate.

The lyrics to the album are equally as impressive as they peak the curiosity of the listener to investigate and unravel the mystery Ronnie is trying to convey to us.  Not in a sense where you can not understand him, but rather like he is trying to tell us something important but he’s not spelling it out for us, its up to us, the listener, to understand the message he’s conveying.  I love lyrics like this, lyrics that make you think and force you the listener to make sense of it all.  The best example of this would be in the song Regenerate, click on the link above and listen to the song, you’ll understand what i’m trying to say.

Overall this album kicks ass, its an awesome record to listen to and because its so vastly different from the conventional metal sound it makes it all the more intriguing.  Give The Discovery a listen if you have the time. You wont regret it, I promise.